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Brief description:

Category: medical intermediate 
English name: M-Phthalaldehyde
Alias: 1,3-Benzenedialdehyde; Isophthalic dicarboxaldehyde; m-Phthalaldehyde; Isophtaladehyde; Benzene-1,3-dicarboxaldehyde; m-Phthaldialdehyde; isophthaldehyde; benzene-1,3-dicarbaldehyde
CAS: 626-19-7
Content: ≥99
Molecular formula: C8H6O2
Melting point: 87-89℃
Molecular weight: 134.13
Boiling point: 136℃ density: 1.13 flashing point: 94.1℃
Packaging: 25kg/fiber can
Appearance: almost white or light yellow powder; easily soluble in alcohol, base and hot water
Uses: medical intermediate and fluorescent whitening agent

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